BioGreen Nutrients

BioGreen 1 Grow

Biogreen 1 Grow is a high-quality fertilizer containing all macro- and micro-nutrients required for growth and early bloom in any medium.

Visibly improves the condition of the plant’s roots;
Sufficient potassium for the start of the bloom and robustness of the plant;
Sufficient phosphorus for explosive root growth;
Sufficient magnesium for optimal chlorophyll and protein synthesis;
Consists only of the purest raw materials.
BioGreen Bio 1 is completely biological;
No best-before date.

From the 2nd day of growth to the 3rd or 4th week of the bloom, depending on the top size, give in gradually increasing doses.If the soil is nutrient-rich, give this mixture 1 to 3x per week. Give daily if the soil is nutrient-poor or if you use hydroponic growth methods. Water every day as needed. Be careful not to overdose. Store in a dark and frost-free place. In the event of eye contact rinse eyes immediately with water. Keep out of reach of children.

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