Ecothrive Charge 60-40, the ideal mix of 60% clay pebbles and 40% coco coir for optimum water holding in hydroponic systems, pre-blended with Ecothrive Charge for an unbeatable biological boost.

Most coco coir mixes contain no nutrients with very low levels of beneficial biological activity.

Now with Charge conveniently pre-blended into your coco mix your plants enjoy a balanced, organic source of primary nutrients along with a boost of beneficial bacteria, chitin and naturally occurring Trichoderma.

Ecothrive Pebble Mix uses RHP certified, fully buffered coco that has been pre-blended with Ecothrive Charge at 1% by volume. This mixing ratio makes it ideal for almost all applications.

However, if you are potting up plants into their final pots you can add more Charge into the mix at the rate of 10ml per L to provide a nutritional kick and ultimately, a bigger boost.

Switch to Ecothrive Pebble Mix and enjoy stronger, healthier and more vigorous plants that you are less likely to overwater when compared to uncharged 60/40 coco mixes.